The Lost Mines - Cork Edition

The Road to Phandalin. Part 2.


With the warm midday sun bearing down upon them, our adventurers found themselves turning a bend on the Triboar trail, onto the road that would eventually lead them towards Phandalin. In the distance, two large shapes lay across the road, barring passage.

As the wagon rolled to a stop, Ram Ironbreaker and Laya, Cleric of Chauntea, approached the bodies. Two horses, dead for a day or two, their sides pierced by black-shafted arrows. Further investigation would have to come later, however, as two similar arrows came arcing from the trees on the sides of the trail – one embedding itself in Ram's chest, the other ringing from Laya's shield.



Four Goblins hid in the forest, using terrain as cover, taking shots where they could, while another two Goblins approached from the rear of the trail, cutting off escape. They thought this would be a simple ambush, like the ones they'd run on farmers and merchants so many times before.

They weren't planning on Ram Ironbreaker.

Exploding into action, his eyes blazing with rage and with foam collecting at the corners of his mouth, Ram pounded into the woods, coming across the Goblin that had dared harm him. With a single cleave, the Goblin was bisected from head to arse.

Chase, quiet and deadly, slipped off into the woods, hunting prey. DeeJay, Erenzel and Gregor took cover by the Wagon, bracing for the coming Goblins. Laya held position, her shield glowing, waiting to provide healing where needed.

Despite the speed of the ambush, and the unnatural inability of our Heroes to hit anything, the Goblins were dispatched – Chase and Ram hunting through the woods clearing their foes from that side, while the rest held the Wagon.

DeeJay disabled one with a cast of Tasha's Hideous Laughter – his hilarious "Knock Knock" joke causing the Goblin to fall into fits of laughter. He recovered to find himself staring into the red eyes of Ram.

The Goblins were defeated, looted, questioned and trussed. The horses examined – these belonged to Gundren, Uncle of Gregor and patron of this particular adventure. It seems they ran into some trouble on the road.






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