The Lost Mines - Cork Edition

The Road to Phandalin

Setting Out For Adventure!

The adventure began in the Two-Horned Unicorn, a tavern of some good reputation in Neverwinter's City Core. Brought together through mutual friendship, thirst for adventure or hired on by Ragni Deepshaft, proprietor of the aforementioned tavern, your mission is explained by Gregor, the Dwarf with no surname:

Head to Phandalin, a journey of some 75 miles. Bring supplies fit for mining and exploration of the dark places, and be armed.

And so, you did – hitting the High Road just after dawn, a wagon of supplies pulled by two Oxen.

The journey on the King's Road was uneventful – a few passing travelers, tinkers and merchants provided brief respite from the boredom of extended travel, though it was only a trip of a few days at a relaxed speed. The King's Road is well protected, well maintained and, for the most part, safe. Patrolled by guards out of Neverwinter and Leilon in the south, trouble on the High Road is rare.

Not so for the Triboar Trail – the thin wooded path that branches from the High Road and runs to the eponymous town of Triboar in the East. It is there that the party found its first taste of the danger to come.



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